Embrace Your Beauty

I am sure, that just like me, you have set some resolutions for yourself for 2019. If you are also like me, many of these resolutions are usually forgotten before the end of the month. What will make this year different? The difference is in the plan! If you want to lose weight, you can’t just keep doing what you are doing. If so, you keep getting what you are getting. You need to look at both your diet and exercise habits and make a plan to meet your goals. Perhaps it is 30 minutes of exercise 4 days a week and cutting out after dinner snacks. A good plan, but only if you then do it! And after a bit, evaluate if it is working and tweak the plan as needed.

This is also our philosophy on how you should tackle your skin health. You need to decide what your goal is, make a plan and stick to it. Then set regular intervals to evaluate your plan. That is why we always offer our clients a 90-day plan. Make this the year that you make and stick to your plan. Here is what that looks like:

  1. Meet with one of our plan managers. Get a VISIA Analysis and document where your skin health is today.
  2. Set a realistic plan with your plan manager – a plan that meets your goals, fits in your lifestyle, and fits in your budget.
  3. Write down the plan for the next 90 days. This should include any in-office treatments and your home care plan. Schedule appointments to keep yourself on track.
  4. Implement the plan over the 90 days.
  5. Meet with your plan manager for a review and tweaking of the plan.

The clients that follow this approach always get the best results! It is our secret for success. We hope that this year you will take advantage of this plan management program. Schedule your VISIA plan appointment with Brandi, Kim or Stephanie and make sure your skin health wishes come true!

Try this approach for your other resolutions, too, and let 2019 be the year your wishes come true.

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