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With summer coming to an end and school back in session, I thought what better time to get into the spirit of learning than with talking about our newest feature in Wellness – B12 injections!

Now, let's start with the basics:

What is B12?

B12 is an essential water-soluble nutrient that’s found almost exclusively in animal-sourced foods.

Why do you need it?

B12 is crucial to our bodies as it’s directly involved with: developing red blood cells, maintaining energy, healthy brain function, increasing metabolism, and it even supports a balanced mood! Unfortunately, studies have shown that nearly 40% of the population is low-normal/deficient in this key nutrient. B12 deficiencies are directly linked to feelings of fatigue, weight gain, depression, memory loss and anemia, amongst other symptoms.

So, what can you do and how can we help?

Well, first let us tell you that not all B12 shots are the same! There are two forms of vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin.

Cyanocobalamin is the chemically synthesized form of vitamin B12. This is what you’ll most commonly find in drugstore supplements and clinics. While this is a cheaper (yet stable) option - it must be converted by the body before it can be utilized in its active form.

Methylcobalamin, however, is the naturally occurring form of B12 – meaning that it’s already in its active state and much easier for the body to directly absorb. When comparing the two in a clinical setting, most patients who received an injection of Methylcobalamin reported a significant difference in energy and mood that lasted a week or more. Those who received an injection of Cyanocobalamin reported mostly no significant difference in energy or mood.

When it comes to your health, we consider quality to be a higher priority than cost. Which is why we only offer the methylated version of B12 injections and supplements. We are happy to accommodate an injection during your already scheduled appointment, or give us a call and we can schedule one for you!


This fall I am going to be doing a lot of weekend car drives. My son started his freshman year at a college in Iowa and will be part of the football team. I am hoping to not miss a game! As someone who practices what I preach, I will be donning my compression hose for these lengthy car rides.

I frequently get asked about why you should wear compression hose while travelling. Vein disease is a chronic, progressive disease and there is only so much that treatment will do. After you have had treatment, your blood clot risk is diminished, but still higher than the people without vein disease. This is because you also can have bad veins that are located in your calf muscle. Unfortunately, we cannot identify these reliably and even if we could, current treatments cannot safely treat these. There is a very high rate of blood clot formation if we try to treat the calf varices.

Thus, we are left with a compromise. If you wear your thigh high graded compression hose, you will lower your blood clot risk while traveling. Traveling is defined as 2 or more hours in a car regardless of how many stops and any plane travel. Multiple studies have confirmed that the risk is lower while travelling with thigh high graded compression hose. Your legs will also feel better when you arrive at your destination.

I hope you all get to enjoy your favorite football team this fall and do yourself a favor and don’t forget to put your hose on if you have to travel to see them! Your legs will thank you.

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Everyone enjoys being out in the warmth of the sun. However, did you know that exposure to the sun can make your vein disease worse? Sunlight has ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is what can damage your skin cells and lead to skin cancers. When you are exposed to infrared radiation, it will heat your skin. The combination of both types will also lead to a weakening of your collagen.

Remember that the basic genetic defect in vein disease is weak collagen. If you have vein disease and you spend a lot of time out in the sun, you may actually be accelerating the formation of surface varicose veins! So, while you are enjoying the outdoors, remember to use a mineral based sunscreen on your legs. Not only will it slow down the formation of new varicose veins, but it will also keep your leg skin as tight as possible.

If you have visible varicose veins, come and see us so we can keep your legs healthy and beautiful!

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Summer is filled with so many fun activities for me and my family! It is most definitely my favorite time of year. When I think of summer, all things physical come to mind! Running, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, chasing after my kids, or playing hopscotch with them!

Prior to having my own vaginal rejuvenation treatment, when I would think of those things I would instantly think about peeing my pants! After having 3 babies I really struggled with stress incontinence. I was always worried about when it would happen, and so I would find myself not doing the things that I love. My kids would laugh at me when I would jump on the trampoline for 2 jumps and then have to get off and go to the bathroom! And they just couldn’t understand what I was doing!

I also love to run, but there was nothing worse than being out on the open road and just peeing my pants with every stride that I took. It really stinks when you are trying to focus and have a good workout, but those lovely little dribbles just totally distracted me! Having this treatment was so life changing for me! The only thing that I wish I would have done differently was do it sooner!

Often, I think about how life changing this treatment was for me and think that I can't be the only mom out there! We often put everyone else before ourselves and sometimes we just shouldn’t! If you are reading this and you also struggle with stress urinary incontinence, you should really think about coming in and talking with us. The consultation is complimentary, so all it will cost you is a little bit of your time (which I know is a hot commodity as well!). The consult can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During your consult we will teach you about the treatment and how it can help you, as well as what to expect during and after the treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t just treat stress incontinence, it will also help with vaginal dryness, decrease in sensation, and vaginal laxity. So, if you can mark yes to any of these symptoms you should come see us! We can help you no longer dread those trampolines, summertime sneezes or jumping! Enjoy the last bit of summer and soak up the sunshine (with your sunscreen on, of course)!

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This month my inspiration is coming hot off a weeklong trip to the lovely Lake of the Ozarks. Genesis has not only impacted my professional life, but taking advantage of our services has also had a huge impact on my personal life. After spending the week in my swimsuit, I have to give a shout out to a few of the services that made this a bit less painful than it could have been.

First, the vein care I have received over the past 15 years has helped keep those pesky varicose veins from popping up all over. Unlike my mom and grandma, I am not embarrassed to show my legs due to a highway of veins. Yes, there are a few, but I know all too well what they would look like if I did not keep up with my treatments. Plus, my legs feel good to boot!

Second, I got rid of my menopause belly thanks to CoolSculpting. My abdomen was never the area of choice for fat to deposit when I gained weight, but menopause changed that. Two CoolSculpting treatments later my abdomen was back to its pre-menopause state and stays that way if I maintain my weight.

Finally, bioidentical hormone replacement has helped me maintain muscle mass, which helps me keep my weight in check. Of course, all of this only helps if I continue to do my part – maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise.

So, thank you Genesis for adding a boost of confidence to my vacation and giving me a hand in my journey to stay healthy and active as I age. Call us if you would like to find out how Genesis can partner on your aging journey. After all, there is no anti-aging, just aging as best as we can. The benefits, like being grandma to Charlotte, far outweigh the downside!

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Have you ever noticed the brown discoloration on some people's or maybe your own legs? This is a sign of longstanding, untreated vein disease. If they don’t get treatment, they will likely progress to developing an ulcer on the leg. This is the result of vein disease and can be prevented by early intervention.

So how do veins turn the skin brown? The basic problem is increased pressure in the legs. When the internal veins allow blood to flow towards the feet and not back to the heart, some of the fluid leaks out into the tissues. This eventually causes the legs to swell. When the pressure internally is high, it decreases the blood flow to the skin. The first thing that happens is you lose hair from the ankles, and it progresses towards the knees over time. As the pressure continues to increase over time, eventually the blood flow to the skin is so poor that the skin begins to die from the inside out. Skin that has turned brown is very damaged and will be prone to infections and sores. This process takes place over 40, 50, 60 years and starts at birth since vein disease is hereditary.

However, if you get early treatment, you can avoid these problems. If your legs are discolored or if you have any visible varicose veins, you likely have vein disease. So come see us at Genesis Laser & Vein. The sooner you get treatment, the healthier your legs will be and the better they will look!

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