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You may be aware of the buzz surrounding microneedling and the FDA as of late. One of the most serious issues is that of transmission of blood-borne diseases from one person to another. Microneedling is not currently regulated by the FDA, but the FDA did issue a statement on it to define what standards devices need to meet in order to maintain patient safety.

The majority of microneedling devices used in the medspa setting are designed to break the skin in order to stimulate new tissue healing, resulting in a more youthful look. They can also smooth wrinkles, scars and cellulite. However, when a device is designed for use on different people, it must be able to be cleaned and not transmit tissue or blood from one person to another. You shouldn’t have to think or worry about this when you come in excited for a youth-enhancing treatment, but unfortunately the majority of devices being used today do not meet this standard and will place you at risk.

Here at the Genesis Medspa, we offer the only FDA-approved microneedling device, SkinPen. This device has a totally isolated disposable needle attachment, with no possibility of tissue or blood retained in the handpiece. We at Genesis are proud to offer the best services with the best safety for our clients.

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I am truly enjoying the transformation into spring this year. After our long dreary winter, the blooming trees and flowers are a welcome sight. But none of this happens without work... the work of nature, in many cases with human assistance.

It's the same with our skin. Unless we hydrate and protect it from damage, we are not going to have a magnificent complexion. Hormones and diet can also wreak havoc. Thankfully we live in a time of neverending research and development in the area of aging skin.

Maturing women and men have been taking better care of their bodies, and want their looks to reflect how they feel. I know being in my fifties doesn’t feel the way I thought it would. I still, for the most part, feel as young as I did in my thirties, hopefully just a little wiser.

The good news is there are now so many options to help maintain a great complexion and healthy-looking skin. There is no one answer, so enlisting the help of professionals will help you choose the right treatments and products for the results you desire. Whether it is pigment removal, redness relief, wrinkle reduction, or addressing laxity and loss of volume – there are options.

I have a brown thumb, so my yard and garden would not be what they are today without the help of the professionals I use. They help me choose plants that will work in my setting and help with the maintenance needed to keep things looking beautiful. I would definitely not have the time or ability to have the yard I have without them. That is what we would like to be for your skin. Let us help you take the guesswork out of skin care and offer you the services you can only receive from medically-based clinicians. This spring let your beauty bloom! We would be honored to help in the transformation.

P.S. A shout-out to Longfellow’s for your garden help!!

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It is human nature to look at desirable traits or successes in others and think how lucky they are. Often, however, that luck is in large part due to hard work or careful planning. I think great skin falls into this category. We see someone with a stunning complexion and wish for it, either thinking they drew the lucky genetic card or that it just isn’t possible for us.

Modern esthetic medicine takes the luck out of great skin. Even if you are a pigmented mess there is hope. Our esthetic staff is trained and ready to help you banish the browns and smooth away wrinkles. The technological advances in both treatment options and homecare allow us to erase much of the sins of the past. Once your skin is glowing, we can help you maintain your results and prevent future damage.

I am a prime example of this. My family is of Irish German descent and we all have the tendency to get huge brown spots as we age. In my thirties and early forties that mostly showed up as dull dusky skin, with a peppering of pigment. I did not do myself any favors with my excessive sun exposure and tanning in my younger days.

Luckily, I had a Triniti skin series 11 years ago and haven’t turned back. That initial series brought huge improvements in my skin and I have worked to maintain those results over the past 11 years. I have an annual Triniti maintenance and keep up with my homecare routine. Occasionally I will add in an extra peel. I also am a daily sunscreen user and do my best to protect my skin in the summer.

I will forever need to keep at keeping that long-ago sun damage at bay, but I don’t need luck! I have the tools to do it: the products, services, and staff at Genesis Medspa! They are my lucky charm! And you’re in luck – they can be yours, too. Contact us to schedule your Visia Analysis today!

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The Genesis Medspa girls got lip filler for Valentine’s Day, and here is what they had to say about their experience:

There is no denying my genetics when it comes to my smile. It’s a little crooked and I barely have any upper lip. It’s something that makes me me, but also something that has bothered me slightly. I often thought about getting lip filler, but never went through with it. So, when given the opportunity to actually go through with it, I was excited and a little nervous. The product I had injected looks natural and is very soft. It enhances my lips without necessarily making them look augmented. It was a great first-time experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
- Ashley, RN

To be 100% honest, I was terrified of getting filler. The nurse and Dr. Prasad were understanding and amazing! I had very little swelling and one minuscule bruise on the inside of my lip. The overall procedure was easy, with minimal pain. I chose to get the Volbella filler because it was targeting my main goal, hydration, and it is a great filler to start out with because it is so subtle. My lips before were always dry and cracked. I also felt that my lips weren’t in proportion to the rest of my face when I smiled. My main goals were to get my lips looking healthy, moisturized, and the way they looked when I had my braces. A plus is that my husband loves them as well.
- Austin, LMT

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure about getting filler in my lips at first. I was pretty content with my lips as they were and was terrified of the injection process. But so totally worth it! I never imagined the difference it would make. I received Volbella and I LOVE the natural volume and hydration it gave me. Dr. Prasad did an amazing job at making the right side of my upper lip symmetrical with the left side. Before, when applying lipstick, I would always have to shape the lipstick to make my lips look even on both sides, but not anymore! I also definitely let my nerves get the best of me because the injection process was a piece of cake. We applied numbing cream before the injections, which was probably the weirdest feeling of the whole process. Next, Dr. Prasad assessed the area and we discussed what look I wanted to go for. Me being a newbie with filler and not sure exactly what I even wanted, and Dr. Prasad being the pro, I told him to do whatever he thought would look nice. As we started the injections, Ashley was really good about adding a distraction by applying a Foreo brush to my temple area, to get my focus elsewhere. During the injections I felt very mild pricks and pinches and then wa-lah... beautiful lips! I am so happy with the results and wouldn’t change a thing!
- Jayda

Every woman wants instant results, which is very hard to achieve with treatments that are non-invasive. I would describe myself as a minimalist when it comes to my skin care and makeup routine, which is one of the reasons I have turned to filler and Botox. I have an instant flawless hydrating plumped look without the hard work. The filler I recently received in my lip is Juvederm, which is my absolute favorite. One of the best things about this syringe is that I only need to keep up with this treatment once every 6 months to maintain my luscious lips. I would recommend this product to any patient that wants to receive results.
- Kayla K.

I am a 53-year-old female who has worked in the skin care industry since 1992, so imagine how many different options have been available for me to try over the years. When I was younger, I was always looking for the lip product/color/gloss that was pretty or gave me a fun cosmetic look. As I have aged, my goals have been all about protection and repair (but of course still looking pretty). Volumizing and plumping up the moisture in my shrinking lips has been a journey for improvement over the last few years. Lip volume looks and means something different to everyone. I have always liked the shape of my lips, but find myself missing the smooth fullness I once had, not to mention trying to correct symmetry. Enter Allergan’s lineup of lip filler: multiple options for what your lips need, what you want to see happen, and most importantly having an injector that helps you achieve your goal. If you are considering lip injections, meet with your provider, consider bringing a photo of your younger self, and give a clear explanation of what you want and also what you don’t want. Remember, everyone’s definition of filler will be different. What does lip filler mean to you?
- Kim

There are so many bad images of lip filler out there, right!? The first time I decided to take the plunge I was super nervous! But after I finally decided to do it, I couldn’t have been happier! I love the subtle enhancement that I got and then I was addicted! When the little bit of swelling went down, I realized that I wanted them bigger! So this time I decided to use a different type of filler and get more of an augmentation. And again, I was thrilled with them!
- Kimberly, RN

If you have ever thought of getting lip injections, I highly recommend it! I have had lip filler before; I usually get a syringe of Juvederm once a year. Dr. Prasad and Kimberly talked to me about Volbella this time for my injection. I was very interested in this product because it was a little more defining for me. I am a huge lipstick wearer and love my lips. I wanted a little fullness, but really wanted more contouring and lip definition. Volbella was an excellent choice! I love it, and I mean LOVE it! Volbella customized my lips and helped focus on areas that I was concerned with, such as vermillion lines (lip border) and my cupid's bow. My results were very pleasing, and I have a beautiful natural full shape to my lips. I love fillers; they are an immediate result with little if any downtime, and filled lips feel no different than natural lips. So, any real important advice I can give? Yes, make sure that you know your facility and provider; it’s very important to have your filler done by someone with experience and knowledge. Injections are just as much an art as they are a science. Here at Genesis Medspa, we take pride in being skilled in both aspects. My favorite things about Volbella are softness, more natural lips, definition, less swelling, and longer-lasting results (about 12 months).
- La Jeana

Friday. French Fries. Filler. Frappé. Flannel. A few of my favorite "f" words. Filler is the only one that's long lasting, that I get to see every day, and is always appropriate. And it isn't even bad for me!
- Tabatha

LIPS! LIPS! LIPS! Everyone here has been talking about their lips. I thought mine had fared pretty well over the 60+ years, but I agreed to watch a live demonstration on lip injections and what they could mean for this ol' aging pucker. I was intrigued when they said, “go back to a picture from 10-20-30 years ago and really look at the plumpness in your lips.” I thought to myself, hmmm... I haven’t lost that much volume and shape. So, being the overachiever that I am, I went back to my wedding photo. HOLY MOLY where did my lips go?! Needless to say, I jumped on the bandwagon and got Juvederm filler. I was surprised that there was minimal pain and I only had one small bruise that was easily covered up. So for the real test, I went home to that same husband I married 38 years ago and his remark and face was priceless. He has called me Luscious Lips ever since and it makes me feel like a schoolgirl every time he asks “can I KISS those LUSCIOUS LIPS?” So in my golden years I’m going with whatever it takes, right?
- Ruth

I never thought of my lips as being too thin, but I was interested in making them just a bit plumper. I did start to see a few lines in my lips in the past few years. I didn’t want to overdo it because you can easily put more in, but removing filler would be more difficult. I am very pleased with my decision because my lips look full, but still natural looking. In the future I may want to do more, but at this time they are KISSABLE LIPS!
- Stephanie

Interested in trying lip filler yourself? Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Schedule this month and receive a FREE HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System. This two-step treatment is clinically shown to plump the appearance of lips while providing the same smoothing and hydrating benefits of HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.

Learn more about lip filler here!


Nobody likes to think about paying that new deductible. There are several reasons why I personally want to meet my deductible early in the year:

  • If I meet it early, I can then take care of everything that needs attention without trying to squeeze in all the appointments in a short time.
  • I’m able to spread the copay and coinsurance amounts over several months instead of paying them all in one month or pay period.
  • If I start a treatment that is going to take several visits or several months, I have plenty of time before the end of the year and can still get everything done in one year without having to pay another deductible next year to finish up.

Near the end of every year I hear over and over “But I’ve met my deductible, can’t you please get me in before the end of the year?”. I personally was in that situation last year, having met my deductible and out of pocket in November. There were several things that needed attention, but I waited too long, and was unable to get everything taken care of last year while my insurance was paying 100% because medical providers have only so many appointments remaining before end of year. I guess I will be paying my deductible again this January to finish up what I started late last year.

At Genesis Laser and Vein, having your consult or visit in January or February will allow you to meet your stocking trial if required by your insurance, submit for authorization, and proceed with treatment that will allow you to finish up before the end of the year. We offer GreenSky Payment Plans that can spread your deductible payments over six to twelve months depending on the amount. It is offered as “same as cash” with no interest if paid within the six to twelve months. This way you can proceed with treatment and pay off the deductible over a longer time period instead of all at once upfront.

Do you have questions about insurance and your vein care? Please give me a call. I like to discuss insurance deductibles, coverage and benefits, and would be glad to help.

Shirley Mosley
Back Office Coordinator


Sunscreen is for always, for a multitude of reasons. The one we face every day: the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs we associate with aging, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and degradation of texture. And then there's cancer. No big deal.

UVA = deep penetration = photoaging (soooo... uvA for aging)

UVB = sunburns and cancer (uvB for burns – or for BUMMER because cancer)

What about the winter? Especially in the winter! The snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays because of how it reflects. Also, interestingly, not to get all green, but our ozone layer, “Earth’s Sunscreen”, is thinnest in the winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). AND we’re closest to the sun during the winter.

Sunscreen is even important in the car. UVB rays go through glass. The cancer rays! That should be their real name.

Even if you can’t see the sun. Wear it. Clouds filter out the sunlight, but not the UVB rays (cancer rays). Even just being on concrete (among other things, but I’ll spare you the list) makes you more vulnerable to those harmful rays. What about in the shade? Wear it. Not all shade is equal, and either way, some of those rays bounce off molecules in the air and still get to our lovely skin.

Are you starting to feel like the sun is tricky?

Sunscreen shouldn’t really be an option. Do yourself a favor... Wear it. Every two hours. Even in the car. On cloudy days. In the shade. In the winter.

Looking for an amazing non-greasy, easy to apply and reapply, protects against all types of UV rays sunscreen? We’ve got you covered at Genesis Medspa. Come by and pick up your own bottle of the #1 antiaging product out there.

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