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Nobody likes to think about paying that new deductible. There are several reasons why I personally want to meet my deductible early in the year:

  • If I meet it early, I can then take care of everything that needs attention without trying to squeeze in all the appointments in a short time.
  • I’m able to spread the copay and coinsurance amounts over several months instead of paying them all in one month or pay period.
  • If I start a treatment that is going to take several visits or several months, I have plenty of time before the end of the year and can still get everything done in one year without having to pay another deductible next year to finish up.

Near the end of every year I hear over and over “But I’ve met my deductible, can’t you please get me in before the end of the year?”. I personally was in that situation last year, having met my deductible and out of pocket in November. There were several things that needed attention, but I waited too long, and was unable to get everything taken care of last year while my insurance was paying 100% because medical providers have only so many appointments remaining before end of year. I guess I will be paying my deductible again this January to finish up what I started late last year.

At Genesis Laser and Vein, having your consult or visit in January or February will allow you to meet your stocking trial if required by your insurance, submit for authorization, and proceed with treatment that will allow you to finish up before the end of the year. We offer GreenSky Payment Plans that can spread your deductible payments over six to twelve months depending on the amount. It is offered as “same as cash” with no interest if paid within the six to twelve months. This way you can proceed with treatment and pay off the deductible over a longer time period instead of all at once upfront.

Do you have questions about insurance and your vein care? Please give me a call. I like to discuss insurance deductibles, coverage and benefits, and would be glad to help.

Shirley Mosley
Back Office Coordinator


Sunscreen is for always, for a multitude of reasons. The one we face every day: the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs we associate with aging, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and degradation of texture. And then there's cancer. No big deal.

UVA = deep penetration = photoaging (soooo... uvA for aging)

UVB = sunburns and cancer (uvB for burns – or for BUMMER because cancer)

What about the winter? Especially in the winter! The snow nearly doubles your exposure to UV rays because of how it reflects. Also, interestingly, not to get all green, but our ozone layer, “Earth’s Sunscreen”, is thinnest in the winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). AND we’re closest to the sun during the winter.

Sunscreen is even important in the car. UVB rays go through glass. The cancer rays! That should be their real name.

Even if you can’t see the sun. Wear it. Clouds filter out the sunlight, but not the UVB rays (cancer rays). Even just being on concrete (among other things, but I’ll spare you the list) makes you more vulnerable to those harmful rays. What about in the shade? Wear it. Not all shade is equal, and either way, some of those rays bounce off molecules in the air and still get to our lovely skin.

Are you starting to feel like the sun is tricky?

Sunscreen shouldn’t really be an option. Do yourself a favor... Wear it. Every two hours. Even in the car. On cloudy days. In the shade. In the winter.

Looking for an amazing non-greasy, easy to apply and reapply, protects against all types of UV rays sunscreen? We’ve got you covered at Genesis Medspa. Come by and pick up your own bottle of the #1 antiaging product out there.

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I am sure, that just like me, you have set some resolutions for yourself for 2019. If you are also like me, many of these resolutions are usually forgotten before the end of the month. What will make this year different? The difference is in the plan! If you want to lose weight, you can’t just keep doing what you are doing. If so, you keep getting what you are getting. You need to look at both your diet and exercise habits and make a plan to meet your goals. Perhaps it is 30 minutes of exercise 4 days a week and cutting out after dinner snacks. A good plan, but only if you then do it! And after a bit, evaluate if it is working and tweak the plan as needed.

This is also our philosophy on how you should tackle your skin health. You need to decide what your goal is, make a plan and stick to it. Then set regular intervals to evaluate your plan. That is why we always offer our clients a 90-day plan. Make this the year that you make and stick to your plan. Here is what that looks like:

  1. Meet with one of our plan managers. Get a VISIA Analysis and document where your skin health is today.
  2. Set a realistic plan with your plan manager – a plan that meets your goals, fits in your lifestyle, and fits in your budget.
  3. Write down the plan for the next 90 days. This should include any in-office treatments and your home care plan. Schedule appointments to keep yourself on track.
  4. Implement the plan over the 90 days.
  5. Meet with your plan manager for a review and tweaking of the plan.

The clients that follow this approach always get the best results! It is our secret for success. We hope that this year you will take advantage of this plan management program. Schedule your VISIA plan appointment with Brandi, Kim or Stephanie and make sure your skin health wishes come true!

Try this approach for your other resolutions, too, and let 2019 be the year your wishes come true.

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Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. If you had parents like mine this is something you have heard often. Unfortunately, putting off health care is something our staff hears about often. Every year we hear similar stories from our patients at this time of year. They tell us they are going to wait to do their vein care until they have met their deductible. There are many reasons they may choose to make this decision, but I would like to address one of the reasons:

“This is an elective procedure that I can wait to do until I don’t have to pay out of pocket.”

I would like to challenge this line of thought. I had my vein care done over 10 years ago. Why? Call me the guinea pig! Whenever Dr. Prasad is trialing new procedures, I am usually the first name that gets thrown in the hat. I can honestly say I would have never chosen to seek vein care at that time of my life otherwise. I did have visible veins, and parents and grandparents who suffered horribly from vein disease. My legs did ache at the end of the day, I could barely tolerate long car rides, and plane travel was miserable. But these changes happened slowly over time and I just learned to live with them. Thank goodness I was put in the position to do it for someone else because I would have never taken the time to do it for myself. Who knows when I would have started taking care of my legs.

So what did I gain?

  • Legs that felt great
  • A new vigor in my running
  • And yes, they did look better

I also prevented many of my symptoms from getting worse. I am convinced I would not have been able to maintain the level of exercise I have or continue to enjoy the types of traveling I do. I still have vein disease and always will, but with 1 to 2 treatments a year I can keep ahead of it and enjoy my active life.

So what’s your story going to be?

You have a choice! Choose to treat your vein disease. You’re worth it! Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. Join me in doing the best we can to stay active, stay fit and enjoy life. A great resolution to have for 2019!

Happy New Year!

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I will be the first to admit that I am an overachiever in the sun protection department... I start every day with Lumivive, TNS Recovery Complex, my Colorescience Total Protection Face and Body along with my Even Up, my Pressed Mineral SPF 20, Total Eye, and Sunforgettable Brush SPF 50. I am protected from UVA, UVB, blue light and any other little free radical damager that wants to attack my skin. I live on the lake, spend lots of time outside, and love to vacation at the beach or in the mountains where we get plenty of sun. For the past 15 years my skin has been protected, taken care of by the best of the best products and treatments. But... prior to that my story was a little different.

I have always worn sunscreen and have always been pretty aware that it was necessary. At an early age my mom started teaching me the benefits of wearing sun protection as she laid next to me on the beach slathered in the best smelling suntan oil that made her skin a lovely shade of brown. Little did I know the damage this was causing. We spent many summers on the beach in the sun and at the pool. I was a lifeguard all through high school, and I may have even laid in a tanning bed getting ready for prom a time or two... or 20.

I am turning 40 this year and the evidence of the sins from my sun tanning past have just started emerging. They are very minimal, and I feel very lucky that I started protecting and taking care of my skin at an early age, but I still had this one brown spot. That first spot that drives you crazy and your eye always goes directly to. Most of you wouldn’t know I had it – the Corrector Palette is a pretty amazing thing for concealing, and I highly suggest it if you don’t have one.

But I no longer have to cover my brown spot. I had one treatment with the Picoway Laser and it is completely destroyed. The treatment is very easy to go through and has minimal side effects. My brown spot got a little darker, which again was very easy to conceal with my Corrector Palette, and within a week it flaked off. Amazing!

Here are my photos – the first one is the day after treatment, and the second one is the week following treatment.

The moral of my brown spot story is...

  1. Start protecting your skin at an early age.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day and NO... what’s in your makeup is not enough... unless it’s Colorescience.
  3. If that one brown spot bothers you, don’t wait until you have 10 to get them treated; that's what spot treatments are for.
  4. It’s never too late and no one ever has too much damage to see a noticeable change or improvement.

Pigment Buster Package with PicoWay
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Let's be well. Such a simple phrase and concept. Yet, we do not follow this concept in the United States very well. I have spent the better part of 25+ years helping people recover from serious, sometimes life-threatening illnesses. As I have progressed through my career, I have often thought that I would never want to personally need any of the operations I have had to perform for my patients. We have all been raised with the mentality that “once I’m sick, I’ll try to recover.” As you probably know, once you become seriously ill or need a major surgery, you will never be as good as you were before. Hmm. Maybe we should do something different and try not to get so sick!

In the last decade or so, I have spent an increasing amount of time trying to educate myself on how to stay healthy. There is a tremendous, growing body of information on health maintenance, wellness, and optimal aging that is rooted in research and hard science. What I mean by that is the information is obtained by medical researchers across the world applying the same standards as they do to discovering new cancer cures.

However, some of the new information conflicts with currently accepted recommendations from the medical community. This may lead to doctors disagreeing on what is best for you. I have also found that the lay press routinely picks snippets of information from a medical study and then portrays it as the whole truth without explaining the study’s complete findings. The net effect on patients is confusion and mistrust of the medical community. I think we all can understand that seeking consistent, reliable information in today's world is challenging.

My point in writing this is that there are many factors that we can control to improve our chance of staying healthy. If we embrace wellness and healthy aging, research shows we can lower our odds of many major illnesses. The basic outline is very simple: eat clean, sleep 7-8 hours daily, exercise 30 minutes or more daily, minimize visceral fat, maintain hormonal balance throughout life, minimize environmental toxins, no smoking, and minimal alcohol intake. Most of this seems obvious and the majority of it is free! You just have to do it.

Healthcare in the United States is very good, but we are making ourselves sicker through our lifestyles and food choices. Take control of your health and be well. Your body will thank you.

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