Foot Cushioning Fillers

The specialized fat pad at the bottom of our forefoot, which acts as a shock absorbing cushion, can begin to shrink and shift with age and use. The change in anatomy predisposes individuals to develop problems such as neuromas, metatarsalgia, capsulitis and bursitis – all of which which can make walking and standing painful and laborious. Common symptoms for patients with fat pad atrophy include forefoot pain that gets worse when standing and walking, toes that may feel as if they go numb, loss of tissue volume, and calluses that form over areas of bone prominence.

There are multiple conservative options available to restore the cushion at the forefoot and rejuvenate the lost tissue. Dermal fillers are injectable compounds used to "fill" or plump the areas that have lost volume. Other options may include custom-made orthotic devices used to pad and offload the forefoot. In some instances, surgery may be beneficial.

Foot cushioning fillers is a service provided by JCMG Podiatry at Genesis Medspa. To schedule a consultation for this service, please call JCMG Podiatry at (573) 556-7724.

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