Embrace Your Beauty

Photo from FriendsI was a fan of the show Friends, and my favorite character of the ensemble was Phoebe, the unusual, flighty massage therapist and coffeehouse singer. In one episode in particular, Phoebe is trying to soothe the high-strung perfectionist, Monica, to rest and sleep, and encourages her to listen to the “plinky-plunky music” – the same music Phoebe uses during massage to help her clients relax.

We regularly get asked about the music playing in the background at the MedSpa. “Why the instrumental/ambient/space music? Why no words?”

The effects of sound and music choices are apparent in our everyday life. For example, we experience the energizing effect of sound and music every time we hear music with a heavy beat. Just think of the last time you heard a favorite dance hit and couldn't help but start dancing along or singing in your car.

We choose less intense beats for body work because we want to encourage relaxation and calm rather than the normal rush-rush of everyday life. We want our guests to have a mini-vacation each time they come to see us. Often during a massage with a soothing song in the background, I find that not only do strokes become more rhythmic and fluid, but my breathing and my guest’s will often synchronize – possibly even our pulses, though I’ve never tried to verify this.

Part of the reason we tend to stay away from songs with lyrics or “popular” music is the memories they may bring up for us or the guest – and though fond memories are wonderful, they can also be painful if associated with loss or a hard time. It is our goal that the MedSpa be a place that encourages physical, mental and emotional well-being for our clients. Instrumental or ambient music also tends to be unfamiliar, so time passes without meter, allowing our guests to get lost in the experience and their minds to wander.

Come join us at the JCMG MedSpa for a mini-vacation: zone out, bliss out, relax, refresh. We don’t mind if you hum along.

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