Embrace Your Beauty

Pure Hydration Water Enhancer.Some spas give you bottled water. Some provide distilled water. The JCMG LVC MedSpa is a member of the Pure Inventions family, a company that creates different serums to add to water for individualized benefits. This means you can do things like EXTRA grow your hair while drinking tasty water. Grow my hair? Yes, please.

The box says the Hair, Skin & Nails is pear flavored – I say it's Fruit Roll-Up flavored. Right now we're loving the Blueberry + White tea, which smells and tastes amazing, plus fights free radicals and supports brain function and eye health. Another popular favorite is the Pomegranate + Acai Berry, for its taste and support of collagen production (because everyone loves beautiful skin). There's even one to help you sleep!

At The MedSpa, we happily provide the benefits of keeping 4-5 flavors out in pitchers for our patients to relax with while they prepare for their appointment, or as they leave to finish up their day. Obviously we're obsessed with our water.

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