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Since fall is officially upon us, I decided to make a little list of Dos and Don’ts to help out anyone struggling to stay on trend! Of course, I am all about expressing yourself however you want, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little guide to help along the way!

DON’T – Forget to exfoliate!
As the humidity subsidies and the winter dry months move in, your skin can become flaky and cause your makeup to look patchy! Exfoliating and getting facials regularly can help keep your skin looking fresh!

DO – Focus on hydration for the skin!
The fall and winter months can be very drying and damaging to the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will keep it looking healthy and help your makeup stay on longer. My favorite product to keep skin plump and hydrated is SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. This product helps smooth fine lines and supports the skin's ability to naturally replenish its own hyaluronic acid. I think it’s great for all skin types!!

DON’T – Skip sunscreen!
Harmful rays can still affect your skin even during the fall months. Keeping a layer of sunscreen on your skin will prevent sun damage that can cause premature aging and even skin cancer!! Colorescience has loose powder mineral sunscreen brushes that can easily fit in your handbag to be reapplied throughout the day!

DO – Wear berry toned lip colors!
Fall is the perfect time to bust out some dark and even vampy lip colors that don’t exactly fit into the rest of the year. Butter London’s LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick in the shade Ruby Murray is a beautiful berry toned lipstick that is right on trend. If you’re not comfortable with a super dark lip, maybe try a mauve toned color. For example, butter London’s LIPPY gloss in the shade Toff is a safe mauve option!

DON’T – Wear overly bright colors!
This season revolves around warm toned and dark colors, and most likely your summer tan has faded. At this point, wearing a bring neon pink lip can wash out your skin and clash with fall time outfits. It's best to stay with neutrals, nudes and berry toned lip colors.

Fall is all about warm, rich colors!! Cranberries and oranges for eye shadow can really channel your inner love for fall. If you’re not into color, you can always stick with nudes and neutrals like browns and taupes. This year a bronze/copper lid and really smoking out the lower lash line is all the rage. So to create the perfect fall smokey eye, all you need to do is sweep some warm brown through the crease, throw some bronze or copper on your lid, and smoke out your lower lash line and you’re done! Liner is optional!!

DON’T – Over-highlight your face!
This year highlighting has become more popular than ever. Everyone has been all about having a summer glow that is visible from outer space. But this fall we are taking things down a notch. A little highlight is always acceptable, but more natural looking highlights will be more on trend for the fall season. If you have a deeper complexion, gold highlighters will be more flattering. For all my fair-skinned ladies out there, more champagne colors will complement your complexion.

Here is a little inspiration picture for Fall Glam makeup! My lovely model Sarah is wearing The Colorescience Beauty On The Go eyeshadow palette, butter London Brow Tint, Blinc mascara, and butter London Toff LIPPY Gloss. The perfect fall combination for any skin tone.

Sarah's Fall Glam makeup look

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Jenn in Halloween makeup.When I first became a cosmetologist over five years ago, I fell in love with all aspects of the beauty industry because there are no limits to creativity. Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Every year I try to find new ways to be creative with hair and makeup. Special effects makeup has become a favorite of mine, not only because it’s cool, but because it is a challenge. You get to be resourceful and creative at the same time. Almost any look is possible with a little practice and an open mind!

In the Halloween look I created here, I used torn paper towels and liquid latex to create a skin peeling effect. Purple, brown and red shadows mixed together create a perfect bruise, and some fake blood helps add a little gore.

One of my favorite things about this look is that I totally winged it! It only took about 20 minutes to complete! As someone who is usually a perfectionist, being able to relax and just have fun with a look is the best thing ever. These looks are never going to look exactly like an inspiration picture, but it doesn’t have to! Everyone’s artistic ability and face shape are different. And when it comes to these kinds of looks, the messier the better.

Removing the liquid latex from the skin can be a little tricky. Usually any kind of oil (coconut oil is my favorite) will make the removal process much easier. I like to apply coconut oil and then lay a warm and wet towel over the latex area. Let it sit for about ten minutes, then gently scrub off the latex from the skin!

This is just the beginning of the possibilities that can be created with this makeup technique. I look forward to sharing more makeup tips and tricks with you in the future!

XO Jennnnn_beauty

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